Opportunities at H3 Network Media Alliance


Staff Writer -
Researches and proposes possible news stories for weekly current affairs TV show. Stories to be balanced in content, subject matter, viewing age range and geography. We will work with writer to refine news mix. Upon approval, write news content either through Internet research, or using sources from The Canadian Press/Associated Press. Need writing, research, editing and Internet skills. Can work remotely from anywhere if candidate has computer and browser, FTP access and word processing program.

News Editor -
Review, proofread, verify/collaborate and finalize weekly Script for current affairs TV show with fast turnaround, usually on same day. 
Can work remotely from anywhere if candidate has computer and browser, FTP access and word processing program.

Both positions:
* meeting deadlines is time-sensitive and critical to production process.
* are ongoing year-round, except for the last 2 weeks in December.
* Weekly rate in CAD is paid monthly upon presentation of invoice.

Send cover letter with CV/resume and writing samples or Question to - opportunities@h3world.tv

Are You Creative?

Are You Creative?

 H3 World TV Is Recruiting!

H3 Network Media Alliance, a not for profit organization in downtown Toronto, Canada is seeking candidates the the following paid freelance and volunteer positions:

     WRITERS - follow and write brief news scripts from news wire copy twice a week. Ideal for someone who is knowledge and keeps up current with news developments around the world. Need to write in format compatible for presentation in sign language. Need to meet deadlines, can work remotely.

     Also considering writers for current H3 programming and new upcoming shows.

     SIGNERS - male and female signers who have met deaf people from different countries around the world and are proficient and comfortable in using International Sign in front of video camera. Knowledge of International Sign (IS) is preferred but training or coaching can be provided. Twice/week, in Toronto, Canada.

     SIGN COACH – should be familiar with International Sign (IS), and able to rehearse and coach signing talent in translating and presenting English scripts in International Sign (IS). Should be familiar with translating and ways and means of presenting reports in IS. Work remotely with signers twice a week through videoconferencing.

For more information or to apply or get information, send cover letter and resume to opportunities@H3world.tv.